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Viritual School of Voice

After developing a long and intense pedagogical experience in teaching Persian vocal arts for nearly
3 decades and leading ,mentoring and co-producing many educational projects worldwide, Mahsa
& Marjan Vahdat decided to open their virtual school of voice that includes workshops, masterclasses and private singing lessons.

Sessions will be led by Mahsa or Marjan or both and evolve not only music and vocal techniques
and expression but even a profound vision of Persian poetry and the heritage that has been transmitted through centuries and also the influence of Persian poems and culture in the world.

"Mahsa & Marjan Vahdat virtual School of voice" starts to work in partnership with their
long lasting collaborators: Kitka women Ensemble, Grotowski Institute, Kirkelig Kulturverksted, Fuss Production, Re:Orient, Diaspora art connection and Source Material.

All genders, ages, nationalities and various musical and vocal backgrounds are welcome to join in
workshops, masterclasses or individual classes.
If you are interested you can send mail to:

Vocal Workshops

Vocal Workshop

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